Mobile Massage Therapist in North Somerset

Call: ‭07950 567945‬

Mobile Massage Therapist in North Somerset
Call: ‭07950 567945‬

Bringing the massage to you

Bringing the massage to you



Male mobile massage therapist, offering holistic therapies at your home or workplace. Covering the whole of North Somerset, including Clevedon, Nailsea, Portishead, Weston-super-Mare, Congresbury, and Winscombe, and the surrounding area including Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Burnham-on-Sea, Cheddar, Wells, and Glastonbury.

Offering a wide of massage styles including; Swedish (Classic), Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stones Massage, Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candle, Sports Massage, and Pregnancy Massage.

Based in Clevedon, North Somerset, UK.

Hello, my name is Piotr

Piotr Dude portraitI am passionate about massage, as well as other complementary therapies, to help heal the body, and quite possibly the mind and soul. I love to share my knowledge, including mindfulness, to help those suffering with stress and anxiety to relax, and promote an overall healthy lifestyle. I have several years experience as a massage therapist initially within reputable local spa and salons, and have now expanded my business to offer therapies in the comfort, convenience and privacy of peoples homes. I love to visit my clients in their homes, it helps me to know them better. They are more relaxed and comfortable in their own environment, and I can give them the care, attention and time to tailor make the appropriate treatment for them. My qualifications include Holistic Therapies and Sports Massage both at level 3 standard through Weston College.

Hello, my name is Piotr

Piotr Dude portrait
I am passionate about massage, as well as other complementary therapies, to heal not only the body, but also the mind and soul. I love to share my knowledge, including mindfulness, to help those suffering with stress and anxiety, and promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

I have several years experience as a massage therapist initially within reputable local spa and salons, and have now expanded my business to offer therapies in the comfort, convenience and privacy of peoples homes. I love to visit my clients in their homes, it helps me to know them better. They are more relaxed and comfortable in their own environment, and I can give them the care, attention and time to tailor make the appropriate treatment for them.

My qualifications include Holistic Therapies and Sports Massage both at level 3 standard through Weston College.

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swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most common and best-known types of massage in the Western world. This style combines various techniques. By first applying oil, long sweeping strokes alternating between firm and light pressure help relax the body and dissipate knots and tension in the muscles. For deeper massage penetration, the thumbs and the knuckles of the hands are used to knead the muscles of the body. Rhythmic tapping uses cupped hands and the outer edges of the hands, to loosen the muscles and help energize them. To create heat through friction the palms of the hand are rubbed together vigorously on the skin which warms up the muscles to be treated for deeper massage. Another technique used by the masseuse is to shake up the muscles of the person again to loosen and relax the muscles.


Improved circulation
The pressure created by the massage technique facilitates circulation as it moves the blood around and through congested areas. The release of this same pressure causes new blood to flow in. This action helps flush lactic acid from the muscles and improves the circulation of the lymph fluid which carries metabolic waste away from muscles and internal organs, resulting in lower blood pressure and improved body function and enhancing blood flow.

Pain relief
Sessions can target specific areas of muscular pain like a sprain or back spasm to promote healing, or they can be used to help manage the chronic pain that comes with conditions like Fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Management of fatigue, depression and anxiety
Massage therapy can help manage anxiety and fatigue because it reduces pain from muscle tension caused by stress and can help manage sleep disturbances and insomnia. Sleep is a vital function and essential for the body and mind to repair and regenerate. Sleep deprivation have significant adverse effects on the immune system, the nervous system and ability to concentrate as well as our overall energy levels. Massage therapy has been shown to improve sleep and the ability to relax and therefore reduce the symptoms of anxiety. 

30 minutes back neck shoulders = £20
60 minutes full body massage = £40
90 minutes full body massage = £55

deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage works on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue beneath the skin which attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs.

Deep tissue massage is done using deep finger pressure with strokes that are firm and slow and is ideal for major muscle groups like the neck or lower back. It can also be used to relieve strain and treat injuries in the joints and tendons. It has several therapeutic effects and can be used to treat many different conditions, including:

Lowers High Blood Pressure
As deep tissue massage works on the deep layers of tissue in the body, it also has a beneficial impact on your blood flow.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety
Studies have shown that massage can increase the production of a hormone called oxytocin associated with positive emotions

Treats Back Pain

Studies have shown that the effect of deep tissue massage significantly reduces chronic lower back pain

Helps Manage Labor Pain

Studies have supported the claim that massage therapy can be an effective way to reduce labor pain during pregnancy. Women who received massage therapy have reported decreased depression, anxiety, and leg and back pain.

Decreases Arthritis Symptoms

Massage therapy can lead to improvements in pain relief, stiffness, range of motion, hand grip strength and overall function of the joints.

Muscle Rehabilitation In Athletes
Massage can provide several benefits to the body such as increased blood flow, reduced muscle tension, and an increased sense of well-being. Massage produces positive effects on muscle soreness, recovery from injury and can help with performance, recovery, and muscle injury prevention.

Alleviation of Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Massage can be an effective way to manage fibromyalgia pain.

Breaks Down Scar Tissue
Scars can occur externally on the skin as well as internally after a muscle or ligament injury. Deep tissue massage can help break down internal and external scar tissue and help in muscle recovery. 

£25 for a 30 minute session
£45 for a 60 minute session
£65 for a 90 minute session

sports massage

Anyone can benefit from sports massage, not just sports people, such as people in physically demanding jobs, or those who like a stronger and deeper massage.

Whilst based on the style of Swedish massage it incorporates a combination of other techniques involving stretching, compression, friction, toning, and trigger point response techniques similar to Acupressure and Shiatsu. For the sports person this can help pre-event by warming up and preparing the body for exercise, helping to optimise performance and prevent injuries. Post-event can aid in recovery and injury rehabilitation.

Benefits include:

Greater overall flexibility
Massage helps lengthen and expands the muscle tissues in multidirectional manner.

Stress and Pain Reduction
When a person receives a sports massage, their body releases neurotransmitters called endorphins which are the body's natural pain reliever. This can help to decrease anxiety, provide pain relief, improve mood and enhance a person's state of well-being.

Improved blood flow
Massage boosts the the circulation of blood to the muscle tissues in the same way as exercise does. It also helps dilate the blood vessels of blood which allows oxygen and nutrition to be transported more efficiently.

Stimulates relaxation
The generation of heat, with increased blood flow and improved flexibility helps promote relaxation.

30 minute session = £30
45 minute session = £40
60 minutes sessions = £55

Note: for the shorter sessions you may wish to focus on particular body parts such as legs, or neck and shoulders.

indian head massage

Indian head massage uses and adapts classic Swedish massage techniques for treating the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper back and arms. Treatment includes massage strokes, kneading and probing of the neck and shoulder areas, scalp massage, rubbing, and targeting acupressure points. Also manipulation of facial pressure points to relieve sinus pressure, increase alertness and stimulate circulation. A patient's ears are gently pressed, massaged and tugged. Although the masseur works on the upper part of the body, the effects are felt throughout the whole body and mind.

Indian Head Masage can help with:

- Healthy skin
- Relieves insomnia, mental and physical strain. Relieves tension, headaches, neck and back pain.
- Alleviates stress and promotes relaxation and general well-being
- Stimulates lymphatic drainage, helping remove toxins to boost the immune system
- Restores joint mobility, improving circulation which lifts energy
- Reaches energy centres where tension accumulates, revitalising the whole body
- Stimulates hair growth
- Good for office workers who suffer from aching shoulder
- Releases stagnant energy
- Lymphatic drainage to head and neck helping eliminate waste material from the body

30 minutes = £25
45 minutes = £30

aromatherapy massage

In this type of massage, fragrant therapeutic essential oils are used to activate healing properties in your body. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts. The part of the plant the essential oil is from can be different depending on the oil but is typically the most aromatic part. Rose oil, for example, comes from the petals of the rose. The essential oil is diluted by adding it to a carrier oil—a neutral, plant-based oil that can act as a base. Aromatherapy massage differs to traditional Swedish massage through the use of essential oils which add to the massage experience in several ways: absorption of oils into the skin; inhalation of oils as a decongestant; and the smelling of the oils which is pleasing to the mind. The oils used may depend on your preference of oils or those recommended by the therapist to help get the results you wish to achieve. The main way to achieve these effects is through carefully applied pressures over the spinal column, cranial and sacral areas. Whether you need to relax, ease muscle tension, or clear out the remnants of a cold, essential oil is added to a carrier oil can help alleviate many symptoms.


Benefits include:
- Enhanced sense of wellbeing
- Deep relaxation
- Energy and Euphoria
- Improved sleep
- Clarity of mind and mental focus


30 minutes back neck shoulders = £30
60 minutes full body = £45
90 minutes full body = £60

hot stones massage

Hot Stone massage is a gentle, relaxing treatment which will help ease muscular tension and aches. Partnered with the use of a special aromatic oil, and Chakra balancing, this is by far one of the most enjoyable treatments that I offer. In the treatment warm stones are placed on specific parts of the body, and used to gently manipulate muscles. The heat acts as a softener, increasing blood flow to the area being worked, enabling the therapist to work muscles more effectively. As a result, you will receive a deeper, more relaxing massage than ever before. The stones are used as tools to deliver an effective tissue and muscle massage, at a pressure comfortable for the client. The heat and weight of the stones also mentally and physically focus the body on the massage. Allowing the recipient to be more present and receptive, balancing and grounding the body, harmonising the essential connection between the mind and body thus accelerating the healing process.This treatment can be performed directly to the skin or using a layer of fabric between the client and the stone.


- Hot Stone Massage may help in the following ways:
- Muscle relaxation
- Pain relief (muscular, arthritic, fibromyalgia)
- Improved circulation
- Sense of wellbeing (helps with depression and insomnia)
- Reduces stress and tension
- Encourages the body to detox and heal

30 minutes back neck shoulders = £30
60 minutes full body = £45
90 minutes full body = £60

pregnancy massage

A pregnancy massage is an amazing opportunity to create time and space for your mind and body to relax. Studies have indicated that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. As your baby grows inside you your posture changes. Backache in the lower and upper back is common. Massage can help greatly as it will help loosen any tight muscles and help relieve tension in the back. The skin will stretch as your bump grows causing tightness and possible stretch marks. Massage with a good nourishing oil can help moisturise and soothe the skin. As the circulation is working twice as hard as it usually does leg cramps, oedema (swelling in the ankles and hands) can be a common symptoms of late pregnancy. Massage can be very helpful in helping to boost circulation and encouraging lymph to move around the body, helping to remove toxins and reduce swelling. 



- Improved sleep
- Less anxiety
- Improved circulation
- Enhanced feeling of wellbeing
- Relaxation
- Soothes back ache
- Relieves other pregnancy aches and pains
- Hydrates skin and enhances skin flexibility
- Reduces stress on joints
- Eases water retention

60 minute session = £45
90 minute session = £60

reflexology feet session

Reflexology is an ancient therapy, practised for thousands of years. It is a foot treatment, designed to help the body’s natural healing abilities by triggering reflex points on the foot which correspond to certain areas of the body.

Reflexology can have a remarkable influence on the recipients well being. Bolstered with the inclusion of a foot massage this is truly a wonderful treatment perfect for absolutely anyone. Many older people seem to enjoy reflexology in particular, as there is something indescribably soothing in having your feet gently manipulated. For people whose job involves standing on their feet for long periods of time, the relief they feel after reflexology is profound.

Reflexology may help in the following ways:
- Stimulate nerve function
- Increase energy
- Prevent migraines
- Relieve sleep disorders
- Speed recovery after surgery or illness
- Give relief from stress and anxiety


£25 for a 30 minute session

hopi ear candles

An ancient relaxation treatment to help relieve congested, blocked sinuses and build up of wax and also headaches. This is a soothing treatment which calms the mind, helps harmonise our different energy fields. It is believed the ancient Greeks used them and it has reached the modern world via the native American Hopi Indians. The candles are made from natural ingredients of beeswax, honey, extracts of sage, St. John’s wort, camomile, beta-carotene and organically grown flax.

They work on a chimney principle, drawing many impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed. They equalise the pressure in the head and ears making them suitably for most candidates. Secretion flow is gently stimulated and the vapor collects and removes impurities and deposits. Most of these are carried away through the candle chimney, although some of them can be found in the condensed candle wax residue after removal from the ear.

Ear Candling can be helpful for:

- Excessive compacted wax in the ears
- Irritation in ears and sinuses
- Pressure regulation in cases of sinusitis, rhinitis, glue ear, colds, flu and headaches
- Relaxing calming effect in stress
- Noises in the ears, ringing, tinnitus

30mins - £25

Additional cost:
Prices are inclusive for anywhere within North Somerset. However for distances more than 30 mins travel time cost £5 extra per every 15 mins of extra travel to cover my time and fuel expenses.

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Piotr Duda portrait
Please get in touch if you have any questions, or wish to make a booking. Call me or send a text to: ‭07950 567945‬ or use the contact form below, but please ensure your contact details are correct.

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Fabulous. Peter is friendly, professional and amazing at his job. I would never have anybody else. He is also very accommodating. Really happy with his service. Only one complaint! When the massage ends!

Professional, punctual and genuinely the best massage I've had in a very long time. Looking forward to the next one!

Piotr massage was an excellent experience of relaxation, after the session I felt completely transformed. Piotr is very talented with great knowledge and passion. I won't swap my massage sessions for anything. Thank you!
Piotr is an amazing therapist. One of the best! Would definately go to him again
Very professional and very knowledgable massage. Piotr is a lovely man, always polite and punctual. Have tried various treatments; all excellent. Cannot rate him highly enough.
Excellent massage,always attentive and smiling a great service.
The best ! Keeps both my husband and self flexible and relaxed. Wouldn't miss our treatmentsvfor anything ! Thank you Peter x  
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